Hello Peeps! 
We are giving away our vintage tops for FREE! 
This is because we want to add in more new tops! How to get it for free? 
Its so easy! Just follow the steps!

1. Add the blogshop owner, Aliaajoe 
2. Send her a message "I want to get the vintage top for free"
3. She will reply back on your FB wall.

Which one vintage top will be yours?

The 10th person will get VTA 22
The 20th person will get VTA 21
The 30th person will get VTA 23
The 40th person will get VTA 24
The 50th person will get VTA 01

The "Give Away" will end on 10th February.
The winners will be announced on the 12th February.
So hurry!

Don't forget to add Aliaajoe and send a private message to her!

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